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Fighting Games to Films

Hey there Paul here and today I would like to talk about fighting games that have been turned into movies whether good or bad (mostly bad). The list is on live action films not animated. Street Fighter (1994) Starting off... Continue Reading →

What does Luke think of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV?

Hey. Luke here. Something a little different today as i'll be looking at a tie in film to a video game.  As some of you know i'm a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series and was very excited for... Continue Reading →

Classic PlayStation Games Available on the PS Store

With the imminent arrival of the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy HD remake on PS4, we have today decided to shed some light on a few classic PlayStation 2 games that you can already play on your brand spanking new PS4... Continue Reading →

Who Does Luke Wanna Play As in Injustice 2?

Hey guys! Luke here. I've said before that i'm a big fighting game fan and i'm also a big DC comics fan, so naturally I like Injustice. Injustice: Gods Among Men was a 2013 fighting game released by Netherrealm studios... Continue Reading →

Theme Hospital

  Hi Paul here, with the recent hacking scandal that has put computers down at numerous NHS branches - I thought I would talk about a great PC game I loved. In fact I still play it! That is Theme... Continue Reading →

A Retrospective Of Our Pilot Episode – Super Smash Bros Part 1

What’s up, internet? Andy here and with the channel nearing its 1st birthday, I found myself getting a bit reminiscent as of late. To mark the occasion, I’ve decided to go back and watch our first ever complete episode, Super... Continue Reading →

Luke’s Top 5 Bloodborne Bosses (Base Game Only)

Yo! Luke here. So I recently finished Bloodborne and bleeding loved it! So for your pleasure here is my top 5 boss fights from the main Bloodborne game. This isn't how hard they were or anything. Just why I like... Continue Reading →

Games I Want Remastered

Paul here and with so many games being remastered recently I thought I would talk about what games that I would like remastered and why I liked the games hwen they were first released. If one of these games have... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About the Plot of Kingdom Hearts the Goddamn Finale!

Christ almighty. Luke here and finally i'll sum up the plot for the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 collection, which contains Dream Drop Distance, a game, Back Cover, a collection of stories based around KH X, and 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage, a... Continue Reading →

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