So I have a funny relationship with Castlevania, I love the games and the lore around them but I’ve only ever finished one game because I kinda suck at them! stil great games now even if Konami turned them into Pachinko machines.

Now on Netflix is “Castlevania,” an adaptation of “Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse” from 1989. Well, it’s more like a prequel. The biggest gripe about this series is that its 4 episodes long, and I’ve gathered that the events of the game don’t happen yet. More its a “getting the band (not you, Grant) together” story. But seeing as season 2 has already been announced lets not worry about that.

First things first. The animations (inspired by Anime but created in Texas) beautiful and captures the art of the games perfectly. If you’re a fan you’ll love the designs, Alucard himself looks like he jumped straight out of the games.


Also lets talk about Audio. For saying that Castlevania is known for tasty music I can’t remember anything about the score, however the voice acting is incredible. Dracula, voiced by Graham McTavish, is chilling and terrifying. Alucard, voiced by James Callis, is smooth and Richard Armitage has the right amount of snark and coolness befitting a Belmont.

Now lets talk story. As I said this current season is more a prequel so, funnily enough, it can explore more story then a 30 year old NES game. We open with some sweet scenens with Dracula and his future wife Lisa, Alucards mother, as she walks in to Castlevania (an act worthy of the Belmonts themselves) and asks Drac to teach her in his super science (his science is better then ours) which he does, and they fall in love. She convinces him to travel the world like a normal man (as Castlevania is essentially a Tardis and can go wherever it pleases, in the games it goes into an Eclipse!)

Anyway while Drac is gone Lisa is burned for being a witch (something we dont see ingame other than a vision in Symphony of the Night), Drac returns and decides he’ll go postal on the town, hurting Alucard in the process, who claims its not what Lisa would want.

Fast forward some years and Trevor Belmont, part of the famous Belmont family is piss drunk in a tavern because the church excommunicated his family and he has nothing better to do. However he is a Belmont so he’s automatically a badass, and hears talk about Dracula related trouble at another town…

So, do I like this? Yes. I’d recommend it even if you haven’t played the games. Where would I like this to go? I’d love a season of Simon storming Castlevania, then trying to break the curse on him, and a season of Symphony of the Night, Hell let’s do Rondo of Blood and the Sorrow games! Castlevania has such a wide variety of characters that the possibilities are endless!

Until next time