Hello. E3 happened this week so I’m going to quickly give you my opinion on some of the bigger reveals from the Wrestlemania of gaming, lets begin!

Life is Strange: Before the Storm. 

Prequel to the highly rated 2015 game starring Chloe from the original game instead of Max. Maybe unnecessary because really, didn’t we learn everything about Chloe and Amber in the original? But I loved the first game so i’ll play this. just hoping the writings better.

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus 

I’m playing New Order at the moment and I gotta say, it’s pretty legit. The idea of seeing the story in a Nazi occupied America is intriguing, and I love Alternate History stuff.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

So hype! Loved the first one and the fact this one is coming here soon makes me so happy. Looks like the cliffhanger from the first will be resolved.

Metroid Prime 4



This looks pretty good. My main concern is that the piece they showed us looked very traler-bait. Hope the rest can keep up that level.

Undertale PS4 Port

One of my favourite recent games gets ported to the PS4? I’ll take it.

Kingdom Hearts Th… Oh wait a minute 😦

So there you have it? What did you think? Let me know!