maxresdefaultHey there Paul here and today I would like to talk about fighting games that have been turned into movies whether good or bad (mostly bad). The list is on live action films not animated.

Street Fighter (1994)


Starting off with one of the cheesiest fighting movies, Street Fighter is so bad its good and if being honest is a guilty pleasure of mine. The plot is simple you have the evil Bison who is an evil Dictator who is played by Raul Julia and actually got him nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Saturn Awards, he has captured soldiers and burnt down towns (for him it was a Tuesday) so its up to Guile, Cammy, Ryu  and Ken. Also trying to stop Bison is Chun Li. Honda and Balrog. other characters that appear in the film is Vega,Blanka, Dhlasim, Sagat and Zangief. If you haven’t watched it give it a go its silly but in a good way as you can see by that great group pose.

Tekken  (2009) 


Now to a film that could for me anyway could been great considering the story in the games but no this film did not deliver at all. Tekken is a corporation ran by Heihachi and his Son Kazuya and to show off there power and control they decide to hold a king of iron fist Tournament. An open cell challenge is made and the winner can enter the tournament, the two competitors in the open challenge is Marshall Law and Jin Kazama who wins and is then sponsored by Steve Fox for the Tournament and becomes the Peoples Champion. Long story short Heihachi  is a good guy in end why Kazuya is a dick but not having both of them being evil dicks just annoyed me and the fact they were played by Americans annoyed me as well. This is a game that could do well in films just a shame not happened yet.

Dead or Alive (2006)

dead or alive

a number of fighters are invited to DOA “Dead or Alive”, an invitational martial arts contest. The four female fighters begin as rivals, but work together to uncover the secret that Donovan, the organizer of the tournament, is trying to hide. As you can see by the picture the film is based around the women of the D.O.A games. As the film goes on it becomes clear Donovan is keeping something from them, an advanced form of neural interface that allows him and others to use the fighters’ combined skills to become the ultimate fighter. After ‘downloading’ the data into the device (shaped like a pair of sunglasses). Myself quite likes this film though not one would go out to buy.

Mortal Kombat (1995)


And last on my list is also my favourite and that is Mortal Kombat. Lord Rayden handpicks three martial artists federal agent Sonya Blade, Shaolin monk Lui Kang and action movie sensation Johnny Cage and mentors them. After intense training, Rayden transports the trio to Outworld, the site of an inter-dimensional fighting tournament. There, the three humans must defeat the demonic warriors of the evil Shang Sung or allow Sung to take over the Earth. Characters that appear are Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Kano, Goro, Reptile and Kitana. The film now looks a bit dated but the film is easily one of he best films to come from a game plus they did a second one which was also good.

So that’s my list any you can think of or don’t agree which these being good or bad then comment and let me know.