Hey guys! Luke here. I’ve said before that i’m a big fighting game fan and i’m also a big DC comics fan, so naturally I like Injustice.

Injustice: Gods Among Men was a 2013 fighting game released by Netherrealm studios that used the Mortal Kombat fighting engine. The plot found an alternate universe where Superman has taken control of the world, backed by some fellow justice leaguers and villains, and a resistance, led by Batman, try to stop him. You’d think that it would have a cool “Civil War” style plot but nope, Batman brings over another Universes “good” justice league to fight the Regime, ending with good Superman slapping around evil Supes.

Anyway the new game is coming out So I thought i’d tell you all who i’m looking forward to playing as. Here we go



I like the look of Kara as a well rounded “any situation character”. Someone zoning? laser eyes. Someone getting up in your grill? freeze breath them. She also seems to have a nice variety of moves in there to mix it up and keep your opponent guessing, which really makes her appealing to me. Also I shall be using the Power Girl skin.



I was sure he was dead in the Injusticeverse but clearly not. Anyway Scarecrow uses a chain which makes me think he’ll play sort of like Lobo from the previous game. He looks like a fast mid range character plus his design is awesome and he’s voiced by Robert Englund so what more do you want?

The Flash

injustice-2 reverse

Are these two dancing here?

In the first game I was really disappointed with Flash, especially as he was so fun to use in Mk vs DC. His moveset in the first game was essentially “I’m fast!” but in this one he throws lightning and his super has him send his opponent through time! I’ll be using the Reverse Flash skin because Thawne is the biggest piece of shit in comics and I love it.



Boom! My biggest complaint with the first game was that the big, bad D-Man wasn’t a playable and was a stage transition. Pre-order this bad boy and you can play as Darkseid. He looks like a boss character brought down to be a bit more balanced so i’m expecting cheap moves, invincibility frames, the works! Plus he’s got that whole “arms folded while I beat you thing because, come on, he’s got shit to do. Can’t waste time with you.

Captain Cold

captaon cold

So he looks cool (see what i did there?) as this games Sub Zero (well, until SZ is released I guess.) As a big fan of The Flash and his rogues I’m glad he’s in and he looks like another diverse character, using his ice gun to freeze his opponent to set them up for combos.

Now i’ve said it i’ll be interested to see where these come in the tier list. Anyway, who are you excited for? Let me know! Bye!