Hi Paul here, with the recent hacking scandal that has put computers down at numerous NHS branches – I thought I would talk about a great PC game I loved. In fact I still play it! That is Theme Hospital. This game was the second instalment in the theme series by Bullfrog (the first being Theme Park). The idea, as you can guess, is to build a hospital and keep patients happy.


The picture above, which looks like a board game, is the different levels you go to as you complete the objectives for your hospital. You receive a letter explaining how fantastic you  are and a new hospital has opened if you would like to take charge. Each level gets harder and you have to deal with visits from health officers and also emergencies where you have a certain amount of time to cure 100 patients or more. You also have to keep staff morale up and deal with rodents and maintenance problems.


Each Hospital looks different but the goals are basically the same; cure the patients. You need to hire doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, surgeons and more. You will also need to hire receptionists and cleaners. When hiring you need to try to make sure they care about the job because not all do and some will walk out or even demand pay rises. You will need to build research labs so you can understand new patient illnesses and this is also how you can unlock new wards to build and become the best hospital around.


So, let’s about the patients that come in to your hospital. They do not have the same illnesses as you or I – as you can see from the picture this patient has a case of bloated head. To combat this you have to build an inflation room and, basically, pop his head. Nice! Then get a pump and pump it back to normal size. Brilliant. Other patients illnesses include slack tongue, invisible man syndrome and thinking you’re Elvis Presley. This is what made me love the game because it just made it fun to see the different patients and how to cure them was just ridiculous.


If you got bored of the game or could not do the level you could always go on this screen shown in the picture and hack the game…. sorry I mean enter a cheat. Cheats included giving yourself more money have more money or unlocking everything from the get go, although it does kind of take the whole point of the objectives away. But, hey, that’s what cheating is for.


So that’s it. Hope you liked it and, if you get chance, go and play this great game. And why not give some of out other blog entries a go and don’t forget to watch our latest videos on YouTube. Peace!