What’s up, internet? Andy here and with the channel nearing its 1st birthday, I found myself getting a bit reminiscent as of late. To mark the occasion, I’ve decided to go back and watch our first ever complete episode, Super Smash Bros Part 1. As I write this introduction I haven’t actually watched it yet, but here’s my forecast for the following few paragraphs; cringey, cringey cringeness. So, follow me down memory lane as I take a little retrospective look at Quinforce Gaming’s debut episode!


So, clicking on the video the first thing I’m first greeted by is the custom thumbnail. Say what you will about this effort, but I stand by it! It gets the essential information across – the channel, the game, the episode. I mean sure, it’s just an uninspired screenshot of the opening title screen from the game with a green border put around it but hey – at least there isn’t any clickbait in it. Taking a deep breath I hover the mouse of the “play” button and click.

Smash Bros Episode 1.png

Keeping it simple: The Custom Thumbnail for the Video.

Ahh, the original intro card. Did you know that Chris was just goofing around when he made that? We all loved it! We’ve dabbled with a few different ideas and, with our recent upgrade of equipment and move in to true HD content, improved the quality of the introduction a bit but overall it fits the channel pretty well I think. Well done, Chris! Then the video begins and wow, that is a lot of echo! We were recording this in my living room, which is a pretty big open plan space with laminate flooring, metal blinds and generally very little soft furnishings. At the time we had no idea that meant the sound was going to sound like it was recorded in the bottom of a giant chasm. Another thing which probably didn’t help was the fact that we were recording our voices on a phone… thinking that it would sound just as good as the pro channels. We were wrong.


Revolutionary: The behind-the-scenes look at our recording set up in Mario Kart Part 2.

After a pretty uncertain opening we start setting up the game. During the opening stages of QFG, Luke reached out to Reddit for some feedback and one user wrote that he couldn’t really tell us apart by our voices alone. At the time I thought he was being a dick but now I kinda get where he was coming from. I am finding myself smile though as I watch this and listen to us chat away, even though I’m only about 40 seconds in at this point. Jeez, if I keep this kind of written commentary up this blog will go on for ages!

I love that throughout the first game Mike is just cluelessly flailing around the screen. Now that’s what I call foreshadowing. It’s also nice to see how quickly we all seemed to ease in to the situation, after a very noticeably shaky start – it feels more like a normal gaming session with my pals. I had such a fun time editing this as well, I was so hype to start editing it was unreal. It’s interesting to see how my editing style has changed from the beginning – I hardly ever do black and white cut backs to earlier points in the video that are being referenced. Maybe I should start doing that more?


An editing style that I don’t use very much nowadays. Should I bring it back?

When we were having our very official meetings at our local pub before the channel went live we had a few discussions about swearing on the channel. I think Mike and Luke were the two that most felt that swearing should be censored or at best, kept to a minimum on the episodes. This is interesting as Mike drops an s-bomb during the video! Fortunately Luke calls him on it, thanks past Luke. From then on it just became a free-fall of f**ks and sh*ts, which I think is probably for the best as it means we can be ourselves and not have to worry to much about what we say or how we say it.

At the end of the first game and there is some confusion about where Luke finished – enter more of my amazing editing! I remember thinking this one was brilliant and, watching it back now 10 months later, I realise it really wasn’t. Around the 6:30 mark I say “After watching this first episode, I’m convinced people will come back.” – Gotta love my confidence back in the day, do I think that now watching it back? Eeehhh, no.

Mike Quote

The start of many, many astounding quotes from Mike.

Totally forgot about Chris’ total fluke KO at 7:49! How the hell did he even do that? Not intentionally I’d wager. Definitely deserved the silly edit there. This second round is a lot more engaging to watch than the first round, seems to be even more natural still. Luke also bringing his A-game with topics of conversation, even if we do kinda not acknowledge the question or divulge him. Oh wait, about 3 minutes later I actually do answer him and then the topic dies a death completely. At the end of the final game there is a garbled mess of audio and eventually, we sign off from our first ever episode of Quinforce Gaming.

no end card

Before the idea of end cards had even dawned on us, we decided to use on-screen prompts to beg for subscribers. At least we were trying, I suppose.

Well, that was an interesting watch! It’s great to watch on a personal level and there are some really genuine laughs in it as well but all-in-all it’s pretty weak content with regards to Let’s Play videos. While there is part of me that wants to delete the video from YouTube forever, there’s also part of me that is proud to keep it near as a reminder of our roots. The audio is terrible, the edits harsh and the graphics amateurish but it’s earnest and fun. I’m happy that we have upgraded the microphones, the capture cards and the software now and maybe we should have invested the extra money to begin with, but don’t forget that we were new to this whole thing and weren’t even sure if we would stick it out.


I had a lot of fun doing this, and I’d love to hear what you think. Please check out the video for yourself and let me know your thoughts. For extra perspective, why not watch one of our more recent episodes – like Sonic 2 at this moment in time – after watching Super Smash Bros and you can really see how far we’ve come.

Link to video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRB0z16ue-8&list=PL4O9W0Z_q2knOUYRLdddLDyZa6I0gtYJh

Maybe I’ll do another one of these some time. Or maybe we’ll make a video commentary retrospect on the channel. Is that something you guys would like to see? Let me know.

Love, Peace and all that stuff – Andy.