Yo! Luke here. So I recently finished Bloodborne and bleeding loved it! So for your pleasure here is my top 5 boss fights from the main Bloodborne game. This isn’t how hard they were or anything. Just why I like them for various reasons. For fun i’ll put how many attempts I needed and whether I called in co-op help. Let’s start!

5: Blood Starved Beast

bsb bloodborne.jpg

Attempts: 1
Co-op: No

Really enjoyed this boss. First off the design is great, looking like a blood soaked, malnourished wolf with the skin falling off. Second, the boss itself is frantic, with him bounding around the area. As well as that his attacks inflict slow poison, and in later stages he has an attack that unleashes slow poison in the area around him. Despite that he isn’t too bad. Slap some fire on your weapon and you’re set.

4: Father Gascoigne

father gas.jpg

Attempts: 5+
Co-op: Yes

This is the fight that checks how you’ve been doing learning the game, as well as a sign of things to come. FG fights very similarly to you, armed with a hunters axe and blunderbuss. His first form isn’t that bad as you can dodge him, use the envirnoment to your advantage and it’s also fairly easy to tell when you can stagger him. His second form at half health is the kicker, he transforms into a big, beastly, combo machine. When he’s in this form all you can do is dodge and look for chances to stagger or combo him.

3: Vicar Amelia 

vicar a.jpg

Attempts: 4
Co-op: No

This is the boss that made me rage quit and not come back for a year. The design is great, like a wolf crossed with a deer and the intro if fine, showing her transformation from a regular human. She hits hard and fast. Depending on how you’ve been leveling yourself and your weapons she could be impossible to beat. One thing to watch for is that she regenerates health. If this happens throw some numbing mist at her to stop it. A fun boss fight in all.

2: Martyr Logarius

matyr long.jpg

Attempts: 5+
Co-Op: Yes

Such a badass fight. You’re on top of a castle fighting a big crown wearing guy with a scythe. This fight is so hard that I didn’t even regret using a co op summon to beat him but it’s so much fun! Keep the fight up close in his face so he doesn’t use magic and keep some endurance handy so you can dodge from his swings.

1: Gehrman, The First Hunter


Attempts: 5+
Co-Op: No

Let’s do some build up here, You’ve killed Mergo’s Wet Nurse, leading to the death of Mergo, a Great One, then headed back to the dream to level up. You get back to the workshop and its in flames! The Doll tells you to go see Gehrman, who offers to release you from the dream by killing you (You’re not dead really, you’ll wake up and wont remember what happens. You choose to refuse and Gherman believes you’ve gone crazy, need to be put down and he states: “tonight, Gehrman joins the hunt!” And at those words I promptly shat my pants and was messed up 6 ways from Sunday. Gehrman doesn’t mess around. He will combo often and heavily, depleting most of your life bar in just a few moves. This battle really brings back memories of Metal Gear Solid 3’s final boss, with the battle taking place in a field of flowers.

So what did you think of the list? Any suggestions? If I play the DLC I may update this list.

See ya!