Paul here and with so many games being remastered recently I thought I would talk about what games that I would like remastered and why I liked the games hwen they were first released. If one of these games have already been re done then I message me and let me know.

Heart Of Darkness

heart of darkness

I’ll start with a game we have played on our channel. The story of heart of darkness is you play as Andy who is looking for his dog who has been kidnapped by shadow like creatures. Throughout the game, Andy is tasked with fighting living shadow creatures and dark monsters while traversing several hostile alien environments such as a canyon, swamp, underwater cave, and lava river. He receives help in this quest from a peaceful alien race called Amigos whom he befriends, and from magic powers he obtains from a meteor referred to as the ‘magic rock.’ The main Villan is an evil sorcerer known as the Master of Darkness who intended to capture Andy instead of his dog. Somewhat resembling Andy’s teacher from the beginning of the game, the Master of Darkness has an interest in capturing Andy and sends his minions to pursue him. Another major villian is the Vicious Servant; a sniveling pink creature that serves the Master but is quick to betray him for personal benefit. Reason I loved this game was because I loved the levels and the cut scenes at that time was awesome even though I found the game hard.

Max Payne

max payne

One of the first games to have bullet time and slow motion Max Payne was a awesome game, as the title suggests you play as DEA agent Max Payne who comes home to find his wife and child brutally murdered which you are framed for.   As the story unfolds he gains a number of “allies”, including a gangster, called Vladimir Lem, and Mona Sax, a female vigilante who is out to avenge the death of her twin sister, Lisa, and manages to bring down the ring-leaders in a major drug-operation for a narcotic called V or Valkyr. As I said this game was awesome and I loved the bullet time and would use when didn’t need to half the time. The one level however I hated was a dream where you have to walk along a trail of blood while all you hear is your dead child crying, I always had to turn the volume down or off.

Spyro The Dragon


Along with Crash Bandicoot, Spyro was a PlayStation one mascot and was one of the first games I had on the PS1. The story is all the dragons have been encased in crystal by Gnastly Gnorc who wants to punish them after hearing the Dragons say he is ugly, the only Dragon who does get affected is a small Dragon called Spyro who along with his companion Sparx whos a dragonfly. You play as Spyro going to different Dragon realms rescuing the Dragons and trying to stop Gnastly. This along with Crash was my favourite game on the playstation and really enjoyed it. One annoying bit would always be chasing the guy who had dragon eggs.



It is told in legend that the champion, Sir Daniel Fortesque, led the King of Gallowmere’s army to victory and managed to kill Zarok before he succumbed to his mortal wounds. In reality however, Dan was in fact struck down by the first arrow fired in the battle, with the king choosing to cover it up and declare Dan the “Hero of Gallowmere”. Yes the last game on my list is Medievil where you play as Sir Daniel Fortesque who after 100 years of his demise is accidently resurrected by Zarok, As Zarok has used to magic to bring the dead back to life. you play through the game deafeating the undead while collecting Chalices so you can take your rightful place in the Hall of Heroes and be the true hero of Gallowmere. Reasons I liked this game was mostly it was just fun to play and playing as a skelton in armour with one eye and no jaw what’s not to like.