Christ almighty. Luke here and finally i’ll sum up the plot for the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 collection, which contains Dream Drop Distance, a game, Back Cover, a collection of stories based around KH X, and 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage, a little prequel that leads into KH3 and plays using the KH3 engine. Lets get this show on the road.

Dream Drop Distance

Because Xemnas and Ansem were destroyed Xehanort has been revived, which raises the question of how do you kill someone for good in these games? Yen Sid (from Fantasia) decides that Sora and Riku should take the mark of mastery exam to become keyblade masters, even though the shit they’ve been through should make them qualified to be masters at this point. Their test involves going to “sleeping worlds,” worlds that were destroyed and then restored, but not completely which leaves them disconnected from other worlds. the monsters of the game are called “Dream Eaters” with DE being the nice Pokemon variety that help you, while Nightmares are the evil type.

They travel through various worlds and discover that somehow, Ansem and Xemnas are still around, and have teamed up with a younger version of Xehanort (hereafter referred to as YX). Sora finds out the Org 13’s true purpose. To be Horcrux’s for Xehanort and become clones of him by receiving pieces of his heart so he can recreate the X Blade. So far the new Org 13 is comprised of Master Xehanort (MX), YX, Ansem, Xemnas, Xigbar, Saix and other unseen hooded figures (It’s implied that one of them is the Riku Replica from Chain of Memories. They do in Sora and try to turn him into a vessel but hes protected by Ventus’ heart inside him. Riku, Mickey Donald and Goofy comes to rescue him along with the restored version of Axel, Lea (which is a fan theory I had back after KH2 released, and stop the bastards, at which point the baddies piece out.

Riku is declared a master. Sora isn’t because he almost got his shit wrecked, and Lea is somehow a keyblade user. Sora leaves to get stronger while Ventus, who is still in Castle Oblivion, smiles a little.

Back Cover

Some apprentice people are manipulated by their obviously evil master who they know doesn’t tell them the full details and they end up fighting, leading into the Keyblade War.

Also The Master has MX’s Keyblade, so it’s possible that he trained MX (Or his personal apprentice did, as they mention passing the Keyblade down through apprentices.

0.2 A Fragmentary Passage

This deals with Aqua’s time wandering the Realm of Darkness in between BBS and DDD.

Aqua finds the destroyed ruins of Cinderellas castle in the RoD and travels through it, seeing a reflecton of Terra and reminising about her friends. She enters the Dwarf’s Woodland and does the same thing when she sees Terra and Ventus’ reflections. Aqua has to fight phantom versions of herself that taunt her. Turns out they are representations of Aqua’s guilt at what happened.

Aqua finally manages to catch up to the illusions of Terra and Ventus; calling out to them, she is surprised when Terra responds to her. Terra reveals that he is unable to see anything within the Realm of Darkness, and that both he and Ventus are illusions conjured by Aqua. He explains to Aqua that he is no longer in control of his body, but while Aqua reflects on Ven’s comatose state, Xehanort suddenly takes over and nearly tricks Aqua into revealing Ven’s hiding place in Castle Oblivion. Before she can do so, Terra reappears and grapples Terra-Xehanort from behind, restricting him and summoning binding chains. From behind Aqua and Ven, a dark portal manifests and a Darkside’s hands grab Aqua and Ven, strangling them while dragging them through the portal. Aqua blacks out as she watches Terra confront Terra-Xehanort.

When she wakes Aqua meets Mickey, who explains it’s been ten years since BBS, and that hes looking for the Key of Darkness to seal Kingdom Hearts along with Sora (The ending to the first game).

Travelling further, the two of them manage to arrive at Destiny Islands, having been absorbed by the End of the World. Aqua recognizes the islands as the place where she first met Sora and Riku, and where Terra bestowed the power of the Keyblade to the latter. Mickey deduces that this must mean that they are close to the location of the dark realm’s Keyblade, and thus approach the Secret Place. When they are about to enter, however, the Demon Tower, now in the form of the Demon Tide, returns and attacks, forcing Aqua and Mickey to defeat it for seemingly good. Having vanquished it, Aqua and Mickey enter the Secret Place and find the wooden door within; opening it, the two find a glowing Kingdom Key D inside, which Mickey claims. Moments later, Destiny Islands vanishes, leaving the two in the Realm of Darkness.

From the distance, Mickey spots the door to Kingdom Hearts, and points out to Aqua that it looks different than what she’s used to. Upon approach, Mickey also notices Riku in the Realm of Darkness attempting to close the door. Before he can get close, the Demon Tide surprises Mickey and damages him, stripping him of his clothes. Aqua decides to buy time for Mickey by fighting back, but the Demon Tide takes hold of her and drags her back to Destiny Islands, the door behind them sealing shut. Mickey goes to help Riku and Sora seal Kingdom Hearts while Aqua, finding her will to live, finishes the battle against the Demon Tide.

Aqua is later seen lying on the seaside shore, gazing up into the sky, which turns to night. As she stares into the stars, she notices droplets of light raining down, indicating that Kingdom Hearts has been successfully sealed and that Destiny Islands is being restored. Unable to leave the Realm of Darkness, Aqua falls off the disintegrating shore and drifts into the darkness once more.

In a subsequent cutscene, Aqua approaches the Dark Margin, where Ansem the Wise sits in wait.

Mickey finishes his retelling of his tale, at which point Riku lashes out at Mickey for not telling him that Aqua was there at the time and that she gave herself up to save him. Yen Sid intervenes and explains that neither Mickey nor Riku had the power to save Aqua, and that he had personally forbade Mickey from telling them, lest Riku, or in higher probability Sora, stage a potentially suicidal rescue attempt. However, as Riku had recently become a Keyblade Master, they now possess the means to rescue Aqua. Mickey invites Riku to assist in his rescue mission, to which he agrees. Kairi, wishing to help, is told by Yen Sid that she will need to train as a Keyblade Master alongside Lea, much to her surprise. Yen Sid bestows upon Mickey and Riku a new set of clothes that will protect them from the darkness before they leave.

Sora later returns with Donald and Goofy, having left at the end of 3D to take care of business, which he refuses to divulge to his friends. When he enters the Mysterious Tower, however, he finds that everyone already left, much to his dismay. Yen Sid calls the trio to attention, and explains that while Sora failed his Mark of Mastery Exam and lost most of his powers in the process, he is still the most important link to defeating Xehanort. He then states that Sora must obtain the power of waking, which he failed to master in the Sleeping Worlds, and directs him to a certain hero who once lost his power and reclaimed it. He also tasks Donald and Goofy with protecting Sora, to which they happily agree.

The scene later cuts to the trio in the Gummi Ship, with Sora lost as to how to get to Olympus Colosseum. As the result of Kingdom Hearts II, many of the gateways that they had previously unlocked had shut, preventing them from freely travelling across worlds. As Sora ponders a way to get there, Goofy recites the phrase “Let your heart be your guiding key”, which he claims Yen Sid said to them before they left on important missions. Sora, now inspired, summons his Keyblade and points it into space, which subsequently opens a path before them. The three of them proceed to fly through the portal, disappearing.

So thats that. We now know that at the start of KH3 SDG will be training with Hercules, Riku and Mickey will be looking for Aqua and Lea and Kairi will be training with Merin. I’m really excited for KH3 I just need it to BE RELEASED!