Hey there. Luke here and today I thought i’d quickly bring you up to speed on the Kingdom Hearts plot seeing as the 1.5+2.5 remix collection (containing the first 6 games) has just been released, as well as the 2.8 collection (Dream Drop Distance, the cinematics from the mobile game and a short prequel to 3~), and 3 being due to be released…sometime this year maybe, now seems as good a chance as ever. So strap in, it’s gonna be a long ride.

Kingdom Hearts

Sora, Riku and Kairi live on Destiny Islands and dream of adventure. One day the island is taken over by darkness and attacked by creatures called Heartless. Riku and Kairi are lost to the Darkness and Sora gains a weapon called a “Keyblade” before getting consumed by the Darkness and waking up in another world called Traverse Town. Meanwhile Donald and Goofy are charged by Queen Minnie to go and find “The King” (guess who) who went missing while investigating the Darkness. They also go to Traverse Town

Sora meets a few Final Fantasy characters (Squall, Yuffie, Cid and Aerith) who tell him that Heartless are what happens when hearts are consumed by Darkness, and the more evil a bastard you are the more powerful your Heartless, and that  the only way to keep the worlds safe is to secure the keyholes to the worlds hearts using the Keyblade. Sora meets Donald and Goofy and the three of them team up to do this and find the missing people. They go round many different Disney themed worlds and hilarity ensures.

Eventually they find that Riku has thrown his lot in with the Disney villains to gain the power to save Kairi, and the Keyblade is actually his. Turns out though that the Keyblade doesn’t take kindly to Riku turning to the dark side and reverts to Sora. Riku gets possessed by Ansem, the villain of the game, who seeks to… let all worlds be consumed by Darkness I guess? Anyway Sora slaps possessed Riku around a bit, uses a different Keyblade to restores Kairi’s heart (it was inside him all along), then go to the end of the world to kill Ansem, who opens Kingdom Hearts (the heart of all worlds) and is destroyed when the light consumes him. The King (who was Mickey Mouse all along!) closes Kingdom Hearts using his own keyblade and Riku’s help, Kairi goes home and SDG set off to find Mick and Riku.

Oh and Cloud’s in it too.

Chain of Memories

These “Interquel” games wont take long to summarize because they’re plots are usually more straightforward.

So in one SDG find their way to Castle Oblivion, a place where memories make the environment and children’s cards games is how combat works. They meet members of Organisation 13 who claim to run the tower. Sora goes through the castle and finds his memories are different. That’s because Namine is altering them for the Org’s own ends, but grows a spine and tells them to do one. Sora destroys Larxene and Marluxia, the castle’s owner, before Namine makes him sleep in a pod for a year to restore his memories. Oh and theres a Riku clone in there too made by Vexen, who is killed by Axel (got it memorized?) before Axel fakes his death and peaces out.

Meanwhile in the basement Riku is here and makes his way towards the first floor, killing Lexaeus, Zexion, the Riku Replica and destroying the remnant of Ansem that resides within his heart. Riku learns that maybe he can take a third option instead of giving in to the Darkness, and chooses “the way to dawn.”

Oh and some guy called Roxas is important.

Kingdom Hearts 365/2 Days

I hate this one. Roxas is Sora’s “Nobody” which is what the body turns into after the heart is lost. Roxas joins the Org and makes friends with Axel and someone called Xion. He has to kill Xion and runs away and gets captured by Riku blah blah blah

And that’s all we have time for now. Next time i’ll do the other games. Bye!