Hey guys! Luke here and today i’m going to talk to you about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which I picked up on the WiiU. As a big fan of the series i was interested to see what the new game would be like, being a big departure from the previous games. So, after a few hours into the game, here’s my first impressions! No spoilers.


So the story is typical Zelda at first, Ganon is wrecking shit and Link needs to kick his ass and save Zelda. But then you learn that Link, for reasons, has been asleep for 100 years and the Hyrule he remembers is gone. In fact, he doesn’t remember anything! and part of the plot is piecing together what went down 100 years ago. I’m looking forward to learning more!


The game is absolutely stunning. I regularly stop to take in the artwork of the world, and when I climb a tall hill, mountain or tower, I always do a sweeping shot and then remember, I can explore any point I see! It really drives home that you’re on an epic adventure. The music is great as well, with the usual swelling orchestral pieces you’d expect from Zelda. The art style also suits the characters. Everyone looks unique and all the enemies all have great little details attached to them.


Gameplay is great. Skyrim meets Zelda. You can explore anywhere and do anything. Cooking, hunting and looking for shrines adds depth, while having a map that isn’t full of tiny collectible icons is very welcome. The combat isn’t as hard as people are saying, you just have to time your hits and know when to back off, as well as managing breakable weapons, but you have enough that weapon breakage isn’t much of an issue.

In short. This is great and I want to play more!