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Have you ever wondered what the top selling game on the year you were born was? Or how people could even play it if it was not Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty??  Well this List looks at the top selling games on the years that the Quinforce lads came into the world!

Chris – 1985

Super Mario Bros – Nes – 40 million Copies Sold


One of the biggest names in video game history! This was Mario’s big console debut and was the biggest selling game in history until 2008. You play as Mario travelling through the Mushroom Kingdom killing turtles and goombas to save Princess Toadstool (princess peach now) from Bowsers Castle. The Mario games were always fun and this made side scrolling platformers the games to play.

Paul, Luke and Andy – 1989

Tetris- Gameboy – 35 million copies sold


Tetris is a simple block-building game where you try to make sure you don’t hit the top of the screen. It was highly addictive and it could be said that this was the game that inspired others like Candy Crush to come out. Tetris was also the first game on Game boy with the link option so you could play multi player and try and beat your friends scores. It’s simple but awesome!

Mike – 1990

Super Mario World – SNES – 20.6 Million copies sold


Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi set out to save Princess Toadstool and Yoshi’s dinosaur friends, exploring Dinosaur Land searching for Bowser and his Koopalings. To aid him, Yoshi gives Mario a cape as they begin their journey. Mario and Luigi continue to follow Bowser, defeating the Koopalings in the process, and save all of Yoshi’s dinosaur friends. They eventually make it to Bowser’s castle, where they fight him in a final battle. They defeat Bowser and save the Princess, restoring peace to Dinosaur Land.


So there you have it – the top selling games on the year’s we were born…what do you think will be the top selling game of 2017?