Hey everyone! Luke here! So the Nintendo Switch is out and most of what I’ve heard is positive, but I had the chance to play one at my friends house on release night (cheers Adam!) So here is my initial thoughts on the console.

HardwareThis is what I was the most interested in. Let’s start with the controllers. I liked the feel of the Joycon when it was put together however when I was playing a two player the controller felt a bit small for my liking. When the console is in it’s tablet form the graphics don’t seem to take any hit at all. If I’m honest, the games seem to run better this way. Going back to the controller, Adam said that his controller felt unresponsive during

Software: I saw about ten minutes of Breath of the Wild and spent the whole time trying to work out where it fell in the Zelda Timeline, but it looked very good and immersive from what I saw. Fast RMX, which really should be an F-Zero game (Why isn’t it an F-Zero game?) was loads of fun and we found ourselves playing it for longer than I expected. The title I found the most fun playing was 1-2 Switch, The consoles “this is what the controller does” game. It has a collection of games (around 20) that are all unique, my favorite being either Quick Draw or Samurai Training.

Overall: I was impressed with the Switch when the first trailer dropped and I was impressed last night. Would I buy one? Not yet. I need more games, a price drop and confirmation on the Virtual Console features first. But the Switch definitely has potential. I said that about the WiiU however.

Bye from me. I’ll be ordering Zelda for the WiiU!