Hey guys Luke here. So I restarted Bloodborne again because last time I played I got to the third boss, couldn’t do it and then rage quit. This time I was determined to beat the boss (Vicar Amelia) I thought i’d share my thoughts on the game as a whole. Bloodborne is a frustrating experience where even the slightest of mistakes can set you back a lot and make you lose all of your hard earned (literally) currency.

And I love it.


See the games frustratingly hard, but not in the “cheap gameplay way.” But in the “wow i’ll learn from that and get better” way. I’m so happy to play a game that’s idea of difficulty is “let’s throw waves of enemies at you.”

Another aspect that I like is that I actually believe the more i’m getting better. Let me explain what I mean. Let’s say that i’m playing Final Fantasy, I’ve leveled my characters up and gained new weapons and magic so the characters have gotten stronger, but I’m about the same as I was. However in Bloodborne you can feel yourself becoming more skilled at the game due to simply experimenting with the combat mechanics and observation of the enemies and how to stun them, to the point I was able to go from getting destroyed by the second boss on my first playthrough, to beating him within 15 minutes after I restarted the game.

father-gascoigne 1.jpg

I’ve never played a SoulsBorne game before, but as soon as I’ve cracked this game, i’ll be moving onto Dark Souls!

See ya later