Hello everybody and welcome back to the blog. A couple of weeks ago I started to look at the themes of fatherhood and how they play into the overall lore of the Bioshock series. Today we’ll look at Bioshock 2. SPOILERS FOR bIOSHOCK 2 INCOMING

Bioshock 2 is a lot more straightforward in terms of fatherhood than 1. Our main hero, Subject Delta, is a straight up Big Daddy. The plot of the game see’s Subject Delta, pictured below:


Delta is just strolling around Rapture one day with his Little Sister when the girl’s biological mother, Sofia Lamb, takes Eleanor, the LS and leaves Delta for dead. he is revived ten years later as a BD with free will on a one-monster warpath to get Eleanor back, partially due to his innate bond with her, partially because the same bond will kill him if he spends too far apart from her.

This game introduces a choice system where at certain story moments Delta will be given the option to spare or kill an NPC and this has a drastic effect on the ending, along with saving Little Sisters. At the end of the game Delta is mortally wounded and dying so Eleanor takes his ADAM (his essence kinda) so that his memories can live on in her and she can act like a conscious of sorts. If you’ve been a bastard then that influences her to be a bad person as she lives on the surface. This is the same as children following their parents examples in the real world.


Truly, Delta’s story is a sad one.

But there’s also another Father in Bioshock 2 who is similar to Delta. His name is Mark Meltzer. Shortly before the events of Bioshock 2 young girls were being kidnapped from the shore to replace the old LS’s, and old Marky wasn’t having any of that. He found a way into Rapture and survived long enough to meet Sofia Lamb, who gave him two choices. Die or become a BD to protect his daughter. The choice was easy. You run into Mark towards the end of the game and have the choice to take his life. If you do do the right thing and save his daughter.


That’s all for this week. See you next time!