Hi! Welcome again guys.  Luke here and today were going to be discussing the biggest release so far this year. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. I recently finished it so i’m definitely well prepared to analyse and decide, is it any good? To do this i’ll be looking at what I consider the four main components to a good game: presentation, sound, gameplay and replayability. With that said, lets begin. Oh, i’ll try to keep Spoilers to a minimum but they may be slight spoilers.



So the game takes place in the mansion of the Baker family, pictured above. We find out that the Baker family have been crazy for a very long time and the environment show this. None of that pristine cleanliness you sometimes see in games, this is a house that is lived in and has been neglected for sometime, from the overgrown grass, the cluttered corridors to the thick layer of grime  that lies over everything. it gets even worse when you get to certain areas like the old house, that have been overrun by a creepy mold. sadly the environments for the last few areas aren’t quite as memorable, which contributes to a poor final act.

As well as the presentation of the house, we have the story and characters. Our blank slate character Ethan is contacted by his missing wife and comes to Louisiana to  find her. Yep. Silent Hill 2 all over again. But once you get in the house everything is different. You meet the Baker family quite quickly and they are truly the stars of the game: Lucas, the watcher of too many Saw movies, Marguerite, the protective mother, and Jack, you’re favorite character. All three are delightfully over the top but sadly not in the game enough.


First things first, “Go Tell Aunt Rhodey” is an amazing song was used in the trailers and is used in the ending credits, but doesn’t get used in game as far as i remember. Sound is great in this game, every VA works well with what they’re given (including the Baker’s, who really ham up the lines)  but by far the best thing about the sound is the house creaking. Too many times i’ll be walking down a corridor and hear the floorboards creak only to find it was just me making noise or nothing at all. It’s a minor touch that really helps with the atmosphere of the game.



I was skeptical at first when I saw the trailers. I’m not really down for first person horror like Outlast, Amnesia or PT and didn’t really want Resident Evil to go that way. I was wrong. This is still yo mommas Resi.

The first hour or so, It is more like the games mentioned above, you walk, unarmed through the house, hiding from the family, but then you’re in a garage fighting Jack and you get a handgun and a knife and ammo and then you get a shotgun followed by a grenade launcher and if you’re lucky looking for coins you can get a magnum! Like a true Resi game you end up with an abundance of ammo later on to lay the smackdown. Combat is fine too, crafting is new but is used seemlessly and healing is done at the touch of a button but

I want to draw attention to what makes it feel like a classic Resident Evil game. It’s the exploring the mansion that does it. You explore and search rooms then you find ammo or weapons and keys to get further into the house. Its the same reason I like Metroidvania games, that sense of remembering where you’ve been and remembering  to check once you have something new.

Enemy variations are a bit sparse. There’s four types of molded that you fight and one type of bug. Bosses fights are good and all require some trick (other than the last boss, which is basically “put bullets into it quickly.”



It took me about six hours to finish this, and that’s with searching rooms. That’s fine with me, not all games need to be 40 hour epics. This also means its more viable for multiple playthroughs for trophies/achievements, and you unlock extra weapons when you finish to play around with. There’s free DLC out in May to extend the story, and paid DLC has already been released, but I don’t include paid DLC  in this section unless its amazing.

As mentioned earlier the final act is a bit poor. You leave the Baker family and mansion behind and go somewhere new, however this bit boils down to “get to the top through enemies, and then go back down” and combined with some poor story sequences, this makes the ending to an othetwise tremendous game tedious.

Luke’s Final Score: 8.5/10

A return to form for the series in a big way. This game is atmospheric, engrossing, nostalgic and tense, marred only by a poor final act and some poorly executed story points.

That’s all. See ya!