Hey there guys! Luke here taking a different topic. Today, instead of lists or overviews, we’re going to talk about the themes of one of my favourite game series, Bioshock. Warning, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS AHEAD!

So, towards the end of game three (Bioshock Infinite) we are told that “there’s always a lighthouse, always a man, and always a city.” This being the three main constants of the Bioshock multiverse (yep, that was a big shock when I finished Infinite. The games take place in a multiverse). So the lighthouse refers to the entrance to Rapture in 1 and 2, and the entrance to Columbia in Infinite. The Man is Jack in 1, Subject Delta in 2 and Booker in Infinite and the city is obviously Rapture in 1 and 2 and Columbia in Infinite. But what if there is a fourth constant that must exist alongside the other three? What if there is always a father? Lets talk about it huh?


Ok so when we talk about fathers in Bioshock, the first thing we see is the Big Daddy. The protectors of the freakish affronts to God, the little sisters. The BD’s follow the LS as they go about their routine and save them, and the LS call them “daddy” or other such sweet names, and in general have a father-daughter bond (that we will go into later on), but there are in fact human characters in 1 that could be our father.


Could it be Yi Suchong? The Scientist who headed the Big Daddy program and is referred to as “papa Suchong” a few times? Nope


In perhaps one of the biggest scenes in gaming in the last ten years (certainly one of the biggest spoilers) it is revealed that Andrew Ryan is the biological father of Jack, the main character, but seeing as he only learns about Jack’s existence during the course of the game, he’s not the father were looking for. So who is it?


It’s Jack. In the canon ending Jack saves all the LS in Rapture, returns them to normal, takes them to the surface and gives them the one thing that they never had. Family


We’re then treated to a montage of the sisters living the lives that they almost had no chance at getting. Graduating, marriage, having kids, its all because of Jack’s parenting that these children get the life they do. And they all join Jack at the end.


So there you have it. We’ve explored how fatherhood fits into Bioshock One. Join me next time when we look at Bioshock Two!