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Hey Paul here again and today I want to talk about the Oddworld games. 1997 was when the first game came out and brought us Abe, the lovable hero who you guided through different levels encountering different creatures and trying to save as many mudokons as you could. What you might not know is that there was supposed to be five different stories around the Oddworld universe. We only  got to see three different ones as Abe’s Exodus is really just a continuation of the first one. Welcome to Oddworld, now follow me…

  1. Abe’s  Oddysee


In the food factory that is Rupture Farms we meet our hero Abe, a floor waxer at the farm. He stumbles across his boss Molluck the Glukkon planning to turn Abe and his fellow Mudokons into Tasty Treats as part of a last-ditch effort to rescue Molluck’s failing meat-packing empire. You start making your way through the factory, sneaking around and making sure not to wake up Sligs (who are the guards of the area and will kill on sight). They can be possessed as long as you are out of sight. You can also save other Mudokons along the way which  helps you get the best ending. I never did myself as I always forgot there were secret areas, so usually wound up killing a lot of my kind. When you leave the factory you come across other creatures, but none of these are really very friendly. There were Slogs, essentially a Sligs Dog, which kill you. Paramites, which were like a spider crab sort of creature, which you would have to run like hell to get away from because if they get you, you will die. Then there is the one I was genuinely scared of; Scrabs. These are viciously territorial monsters straight out of a nightmare. Pair off against a couple of Dominant Scrabs and you’ve got a battle for the ages – the one thing they hate more than upstart Mudokons are other Scrabs. I mean look at the first picture on this blog, do many of them really look nice?? The only other creature nice to you apart from Mudokons is Elum; your camel sort of pet that helped through some of the levels.

2. Abe’s Exodus


The story continues with Abe as he is visited by the three weirdos (and yes, that’s actually their names).  Abe learns the Magog Cartel was mining Necrum, the sacred Mudokon city of the dead, to collect bones to make super-addictive SoulStorm Brew. Once again, Abe must save his friends and stop them from drinking the sinister brew. In addition, you have to guide blind Mudokons to safety and make sure they don’t drop to their deaths or walk into bombs. Abe has a few more sayings and abilities like his farts being explosive (We all know someone with that ability). You also come across a couple of new creatures including flying Sligs and Greeters. I never got the best ending on this one either, but I loved this game – mostly for the cinematic scenes which were brilliant.

3. Munch’s Oddysee 


We now break away from Abe and meet our new hero Munch, who has broke his leg in a bear trap, abducted by scientists, had an alien race plant a device in his skull and, on top of all that – he finds out his race has been hunted to extinction. You and your best friend Abe must decide to help or hurt their self-sustaining biosphere and all their friends that live within it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll meet Fuzzles about to fry. A neurotic world in desperate need of therapy, you are either going to set things straight or push them right over the edge.  This game was released on the Xbox and I honestly did not play enough of the game to say whether it’s a good or bad instalment.

4. Strangers Wrath


Now we come to the one game I have never played, so I don’t really know that much about it. I do know one thing – I do want to play it. You play as a bounty hunter called Stranger who, as you can see by the picture, uses animals as ammo. The game looks different to the others which is really why I want to give it a go, plus I want to be a bounty hunter! Strangers Wrath was highly acclaimed among many critics, including GameSpot and Metacritic. The game scored an impressive 87% from Game Rankings.

5. New ‘N’ Tasty


And lastly we have New ‘N’ Tasty which is Abe’s Oddysee remastered. The reason I have put this separate to the original is because of the HD graphics. It looks a different game! They also changed the levels slightly aswell, so it does have a different feel to the original, whilst keeping the same plot. New ‘N’ Tasty just makes me hope we can see more of the world of Oddworld. Whether Abe, Munch, Stranger or even a new hero – I hope they one day release a new game. For now I will live in the past, trying (but failing miserably) to save my fellow Mudokons.