Hey, Paul from Quinforce here…I am here to say that I think Rockstar should bring out a Canis Canem Edit, or Bully as it is sometimes known, sequel and I am not on about the remastered version coming out on the PS4.  For you people who never played the game its basically ‘GTA: The Teenage Years as you play as Jimmy Hopkins in the school Bullworth Academy; making your way through school beating bullies with a catapult and going to class to get better itching powder.

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For me the best choice would be to carry on with Jimmy Hopkins and see how he does at College where we could see Jimmy grow as a person or we could turn him into a dick depending what we do.  Also they could put different classes for us to learn and even have driving lessons just to add the realism like Rockstar does do to a certain point.

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Option two – carry on at Bullworth but introduce new characters and new objectives, for instance we could start as a jock or the posh boys. As long as they add new things and different objectives it will not make it feel like a cheap sequel. I don’t know about everyone but I do think there is a lot more to explore within the School.

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Option Three do it like GTA5 and play as three different people through the game.  Now this could be Bullworth or another school but it would make it interesting to play as people with different personalities. For instance you could play as Jimmy, Gary the Psycho or Pete the quiet boy as this would make the dimension of the gameplay different to the first and get to know the other two characters more.

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The last option is maybe to play as the Prefects or the teachers where you have to keep the children inline and keep relationships in check.  For me this would make it a bit too much like GTA but it is another option if Rockstar does ever do decide to properly make a sequel.


So what do you think?  Would you even want a sequel? Let us know in the comments below!