Hey there! Luke here! So, 2016 has finished and we’ve seen some great games come out this year: Pokemon Sun/Moon, Attack on Titan and Batman Telltale being some of my favourites, and some not so good games (No Man’s Sky, or so i’m told). but what about the next year? Well, here’s the shit i’m hype for next year.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk


Berserk is a sweet ass Manga/Anime that started before I was born and will finish after I die. It centers around Guts, pictured above, as his life goes from shit, to better, to “oh my god what else could happen?” The reason I’ve put this in over stuff like God of War or the new Mass Effect (which i’d forgotten were due out next year until I made the list) is because, much like the Attack on Titan game, this will be a Dynasty Warriors game, which means that we can expect over the top action, multiple playable characters and endless, endless enemies (fitting for Guts, as he did kill 100 people single-handed in battle). The game will co-(I should say, the battle consisted of over 100 soldiers vs Guts. The rest pissed off when they realized they couldn’t beat an anime hero). Anyway, the game will cover the story from The Golden Age through to the Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc. One thing I am worried about is that the story will be more broad strokes and will gloss  over some stuff but hey, we’ll see.

Tekken 7


The King of Iron Fist tournament returns. If there’s one genre of games that I love, its character action games, but after that its easily fighting games. What makes me excited for this installment is the new as well as returning characters (gonna main Kazuya bro!), the rage arts, a sort of super combo designed as a comeback move, and a new story mode (because since Mortal Kombat, every game needs a dedicated story mode and i’m not complaining. I love fighting game lore!).

Also i’m super excited that Akuma is going to be in this game. I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of impact he has on the story and how he plays. Role on March!

Kingdom Hearts 3


C’mon! It’s been ten years Square Enix! You’ve literally released every game in the series in that time…Twice! I love you…Please come back to me! Why is Sora packing heat in this picture? Oh god i’m getting Shadow the Hedgehog flashbacks. I got that for Christmas when I was 16. More like Shadow the Edgehog right?

Resident Evil 7

resident evil 7.jpg

I liked Resident Evil 5, it was a fun game but ultimately it didn’t feel like Resident Evil. I liked Resident Evil 6. It was a fun game but ultimately it didn’t feel like Resident Evil. 7 seems like a return to the series more horror based routes (Though i’m undecided on what I think about the crazy hillbillies. Bit too Outlast 2 for me). Also I don’t think the demo will be the same as the finished product. One of the phone call you get at the end “Memories hold the truth. Don’t let appearances mislead you.” This to me thinks that the finished version won’t be first person. I also believe that the woman on the phone is Ada Wong but that’s just a hunch. Maybe i’ll do a theory post one time on something.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Oh baby! I watched the whole reveal video about this a bunch of times! This game truly looks like it will capture the feel of being on an adventure. It’s an open world Zelda game where you can choose what you want to go and what order you tackle the dungeons, kinda like the earlier Zelda’s (Oh yeah, you can do the dark world dungeons in what order you like in A Link to the Past). It’s very Skyrim-like which is cool by me. I’m a big fan and i can’t wait to play this.

Ok that’s all she wrote folks. Like I said there are more i’m looking forward too, so God of War, Mass Effect Andromeda, the new Spider-man game and Injustice 2, i can’t wait to get at your sweet ass!

What are you looking forward too? Tell me in the comments!