Hey there, Paul here from Quinforce Gaming. With the release of WWE 2K17 I would like to share with you my top ten wrestlers who I watched growing up. Before get into the list I want to point out that I have left out Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold, HBK and The Undertaker. This is because it is MY list remember, and might not reflect yours, even though I do love these guys. Same goes for Shelton Benjamin who is amazing, yet so under used by WWE.

10) Kurt Angle


Oh it’s true, it’s damn true. Kurt Angle, the Olympic Gold Medalist, was a great wrestler no one can deny that but he was also great on the mic as well. He had great comedic moment’s like him soaking everyone with milk. If he ever returns to WWE he is surely going to be inducted into the hall of fame. He deserves it.



This “Big Red Machine” was the reason I started to watch WWF more than WCW. I loved the fact that he wouldn’t speak and just silently destroyed everyone. When he ripped off the cell door to confront The Undertaker it was awesome! I remember when Kane eventually spoke everyone at school was talking about it. Back in those days on the playground people still thought it was real and Kane had been badly burnt. Kane was also my favourite to play on the old WWE games.

8) Mankind


Mick Foley’s best character for me by far. The character suited him as crazy and was also just plain creepy at times. The main reason he is on my list is Mick Foley just gave everything to the company to keep people entertained, I mean the bloke had a concussion falling through the cell (after been thrown off cell through a table I might add) and he still carried on with the match. He also lost part of his ear from getting it caught in barbed wire during a match… so, yeah, the Hardcore legend makes the list.

7) Chris Benoit


This may be controversial due to more recent events, but if we forget that for the purposes of this blog and concentrate solely on wrestling he was one of the best technical wrestlers going. He was aggressive, intimidating and his matches with Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle were always great to watch. I’m sure that if he hadn’t had committed such a terrible act then he probably would have followed Eddie in to the Hall of Fame.

6) Goldberg 


Before the beast that is Brock Lesnar there was this guy. Goldberg was the man who couldn’t be stopped in WCW. He was undefeated for ages in fact, so much that WCW added wins just to make him look even more impressive. His stint in WWE was not that great but I am glad he is back for one last match, even though I do think its just to put Brock Lesnar over. One of his best matches was against DDP at Halloween Havoc. Although not many people would have seen it at the time because it was actually was cut off due to WCW going over the agreed time slot.

5) Randy Orton


The legend killer himself! since his Evolution days Randy has been one of my favourite wrestlers to watch. I loved his legend killer gimmick in which he should have beaten that twat Hulk overrated Hogan. I always liked his theme music and the pose (in the picture above) is now my signature pose so thank you Randy Orton for that. he is also one of the best heels in his generation and his feud with John Cena was one of the better parts of the PG era.

4) Chris Jericho


That’s right Jericho, you just made the list. The first undisputed Champion, Y2J is one of the most charismatic wrestlers I have seen. He is not only a good wrestler but his mic skills are also awesome and he is still giving us the gift of Jericho. One of his best matches for me was against Chris Benoit for the IC title in a ladder match in which Jericho performed the Walls on top of the ladder to won the match.

3) AJ Styles


The phenomenal one is easily my favourite wrestler at the moment. He was the face of TNA for years and if you watch the matches you can see why. He was the sole reason I watched TNA and I never thought he would ever grace the WWE but here we are! The WWE World Heavyweight Champion even! For people who are just getting to see AJ go to YouTube and watch the Triple threat match between AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe for the X Division Title – in my opinion its the best match TNA ever offered.

2) The Rock


FINALLY…. The Rock has come to the list. Before he was a successful actor he was the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. Sure, he was not the most technical but his charisma was second to none. he was one of main reasons I loved wrestling during the late 90’s. I had his t-shirts and about three different figures of him. I loved him. His smack talk was always entertaining and if you do not agree I will turn my boot side ways and stick it straight up your candy ass.

And at number one is………



Yes that’s right the Icon Sting is my number one. This is because during WCW Sting and Goldberg were my favourites. I just liked that, much like the Undertaker, his character was mysterious, always hanging around up in the rafters. I just loved watching him and just like AJ I was surprised when he did finally make it to WWE, though I think it was too late for him due to age. He is another who is a Hall of Famer.

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed my top ten which I’m sure will change in time as Kevin Owens is crawling up in my rankings. That’s it from me,  thanks for reading