Hey there! Luke here from Quinforce Gaming about to share with you the hypest list yet! My favourite video game songs ever. Music in gaming is really important to me, it can help set the tone or mood of a scene, or turn an unmemorable game into a memorable one. One song per series is the rule (with one exception that i’ll justify later). So without further ado, here’s our list. All the titles will be hyperlinked.

Also expect spoilers for every game here!

10.) Super Castlevania 4 – Simon’s Theme

sc4Picture it. You’re Simon Belmont. It is your duty to rid the word of the evil of Dracula. You approach the castle and this theme starts to play. Are you not pumped up? I love this piece because it tells you straight away you’re in for a ride. Also Simon was cursed by Drac because he killed him, so Simon’s plan was to find the bits of Drac, then kill him again whilst dying of the curse. He’s a bigger badass then you and me.

9). Kingdom Hearts 2 – My Sanctuary

Nothing major to say about this. It plays in the intro while the story recaps what happens and it’s just a lovely song to listen to. It was close between this and Simple and Clean but there’s something soothing about the melody. Man, this game came out ten years ago. KH3 must be soon right?  I mean SE re-released every other game in the series in the last few games so that must be soon? Please?

8.) Super Metroid – Vs. Ridley

super_metroid_box_us.jpgThis theme is pretty cool, so cool that they reused it in almost every game and Super Smash Bros. Ridley’s no joke, and this pulse-pounding theme tells you so. i only fear that we’ll never hear it again, as Other M seems to have killed the franchise for reals, and that makes me sad.

7.) Chrono Trigger – Lavos Theme


Chrono Trigger is a pretty fun, lighthearted game. You start off meeting a girl, save her via time travelling hijinks and end up in a broken, desolate future. Ok, a little dark. then you find the recording from the Day of Lavos, and this music kicks in as you watch a giant Alien destroy the world. I’ll tell you now, this music creeps me out.

Special mention goes to Frogs Theme, Robo’s Theme and The End of Time.

6.) Metal Gear Rising – Rules of Nature


This music is fucking rad. No lie. The chorus kicks in as you’re slicing a giant mech apart. I don’t need to explain myself to you.

5.) Undertale – Megalovania



So you’ve decided to be a complete monster and kill everyone in the underworld? Sans will stop you at the end of the game and boy, are you in for a bad time you dirty brother killer. What I like about this is not only is the song rad, but in this instance, you’re the boss fight, and San’s is the hero taking you down. Get dunked on!

If I ever have to fight another ‘Forcer to death, I hope this music plays in the background.

Special mention goes to His Theme, ASGORE and anything really. The whole soundtrack is golden.

4.) Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone


This one is so iconic. I can’t stress enough how much I love Sonic. I luv him loadz. He’s my bae. It’s because of his games that i’m a gamer now so thanks Sonic. Fun fact, i’m getting married and my blushing bride has decided that when we leave the service as married people we’ll be walking out to the remix found in Sonic Generations. 

Special mention to like every Sonic song ever made, for real.

3.) Legend of Zelda – Main Theme


Love this series, my favorite being which ever one I played the most recently. I like it because when I hear it it feels like i’m about to embark on a grand adventure. I have the perfect picture for this…


All the arrangements of the main theme are good so my choice is all of them.

2.) Final Fantasy IX – You’re Not Alone


Such a beautifully haunting melody. This plays during the segment where Zidane, the main character, learns the truth behind his origins, and just like Terra, the place of his birth, You’re Not Alone has an other worldy sound to it that will remain in your ears for ages after. My favourite song in a series that includes A Fleeting Dream, Battle at the Big Bridge and Aeriths Theme. Stiff competition to be sure.

1.) Metal Gear Solid 2 – Main Theme


Ok so technically I cheated, but MGR is its own spin off series so i’ll allow it. My favourite theme from my favourite series of all time. Metal Gear was the series that first showed me that games could compete with movies in a story telling setting, and the theme from MGS2 composed by Harry Gregson-Williams solidifies that. I’ll let you in on a little secret, the final boss of MGS2 has a slowed down version of the main theme and that scene is one of the few scenes that made me shed a single manly tear.

Hope you liked my list! Let me know what you think in the comments and please let me know how I fucked up.

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