It was a mild British summer evening; 5 brave lads were meeting at their local pub for a pint – a meeting that would change their lives forever. The beers were flowing, the notepads that Chris stole from various hotels were out on the table and the concept unfolded. Welcome to the world, Quinforce Gaming.

the-guys“You look like 5 guys from the 90’s where fashioned died”  –                                                                                positive feedback from a Reddit User

With this new-fangled blog thingy I decided it might be nice to give you all a little insight in to our channel. Who are we? Why did we start it? What inspired us? How did Mike manage to make the cut? All these pressing questions will be answered… kind of. So, how exactly do we all know each other?


evolutionThe evolution of the Quinforce Gaming Logo

Me and Chris are long time pals, both being in committed relationships with one of two sisters for some time now. Luke and Paul have been close friends since their early school years and Mike… well, we all knew Mike too.  As a group we often found ourselves talking about our favourite YouTube stars and their respective series. The more frequently it came up in conversation – sometimes even whilst we were playing games together ourselves – the more we would found ourselves saying things like “Hey, I bet we could do that” or “wouldn’t it be awesome to have our own channel?”


Andy’s original notes from the first ever Quinforce Gaming meeting

After a pitifully small amount of research we knew what we needed – something to record our voices and something to record the game footage. Easy! Why wouldn’t we give it a go? So we met down the local pub to compile ideas and after a few rounds; Quinforce Gaming was born. Mind you, we did toy with different names before landing on QFG – ranging from “Lads Gaming Inc.” to “Level 5 Gaming”. We very nearly went with “Nintendudes” until a quick Google Image search quashed that idea…


“I still really like Nintendudes…”                                                                                                                                      – Chris, QFG, 2016

Once we had a name, we needed an image, so over our very official and secure Quinforce Gaming communication channel (also known as Facebook Messenger), we built ourselves a logo, a channel, a mission status, a purpose. Between us we had more than enough games to get us started, sprawling from the Sega Megadrive to the Playstation 4. We each chipped in a small amount to buy a cheap capture card and then realised we were cheap skates and didn’t want to spend any more money so we decided to use a phone to record our voices. In hindsight, maybe not the best idea.


13707661_1764185917198700_7258727306535032207_n“Don’t know why we bought a Mike, we had one already.” –  Paul                                                                                                                                     Some of the comedy gold featured on QFG

Optimistic and energetic, we met for our first recording session. Bearing in mind that up to this point we had made no effort to learn the process behind recording a Let’s Play video on a technical or otherwise level. After a few cans of Dutch courage, we started – completely unaware that the room we were recording in had a level of echo that can only be compared to a huge, empty cave but we wouldn’t come to realise that until after the act.


Smash Bros Episode 1.png The infamous pilot episode of Quinforce Gaming,                                                                                               (with reverb the 80’s would be proud of)

You know what? Even if those first videos were sloppy, un-structured and sounded like we were sat in an empty Bridgewater Hall we had an awesome time that night, and subsequently every night we’ve recorded since. We’ve learned a lot since that first night and even scrimped together enough money between us to afford an actual microphone… not that anyone noticed or congratulated us or anything. What does the future hold for Quinforce Gaming, you ask? Honestly, we haven’t got a single clue, but we’re going to keep playing and recording and having a bloody good time doing it. In all sincerity, we hope you can join in and have a laugh with (or even at) us. So, If you haven’t already, please consider checking out our channel – we release videos on a daily basis y’know!

cropped-avatar-pic1.jpgLike it or not, the QFG boys are here to stay Internet.

Big Love,


Quinforce Gaming