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If Luke were a Pokemon Trainer… Gym Leader!

Hello there and welcome to a blog called Quinforce. For today's blog I'm going to discuss what my team would be if I were a Pokemon Gym leader or Elite Four member or whatever. This will go on my own... Continue Reading →

The Quinforce Boys – Worst Games They’ve Ever Played

So here at Quinforce we have played a good lot of video games and not all have been great, Little Britain being main example so below we have decided to tell you what games each of us think is the... Continue Reading →

Luke exposes the shocking truth behind Sonic the Hedgehog

Hello, Luke here and today i'm going to expose the shocking truth behind the much loved blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog. Strap yourself in as I reveal the truth that Sonic has been trying to hide for years. Sonic... is... Continue Reading →

Top Five Grossing Arcade Games of all Time

Hey, Paul here again and after just coming back from my holiday & playing in the arcades I thought I would talk about the top five grossing arcade games ever. My favourite did not make the list though - any... Continue Reading →

The first look at Atari’s new console; the Ataribox

When it comes to home consoles, Atari has never quite managed to hit the mark since their iconic Atari 2600. The 5200 (AKA the SuperSystem) fell short with sub-par hardware and minimal improvements over the 2600. Not to mention that... Continue Reading →

Luke Watches the First Two Episodes of the Castlevania Netflix

So I have a funny relationship with Castlevania, I love the games and the lore around them but I've only ever finished one game because I kinda suck at them! stil great games now even if Konami turned them into... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Underrated PS1 Games

We all have our favourite game from the original Playstation console - perhaps it's Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 2 or Crash Bandicoot. ¬†Whatever it might be, most of us also remember those games that we bought on... Continue Reading →

Horror Games to Films

Bit late this week but Paul here and thought carry on with the last blog I did and today talk about horror games which have been turned into movies. Again not many of these films were good also I will... Continue Reading →

What did Luke think of E3 2017?

Hello. E3 happened this week so I'm going to quickly give you my opinion on some of the bigger reveals from the Wrestlemania of gaming, lets begin! Life is Strange: Before the Storm.¬† Prequel to the highly rated 2015 game... Continue Reading →

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